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Google search page with My IP Address added.
Makes a good browser start page.

Google IP tip02

Small My IP Address webpage

small IP page

Minimalistic My IP Address webpage (for mobile devides)

micro IP page

Tiny My IP Address popup window

tiny IP popup

Free My IP Address buttons for your website

IP Buttons tip02

Tool to show the private IP Address of your PC

IPinfo.exe (Executable)

IP Privacy Check shows what your IP address and browser reveal
about your identity and tests your anonymity.

IP Privacy Check

IP Checker displays IP, network and domain owners and does
service scan and traceroute.

IP Checker

 Third Party IP Tools

IP Subnet Mask Calculator

Subnet Calculator

IP Locator, helps locating a stolen notebook by silently tracking it´s IP address. (commercial product)

IP Locator

Shows the physical location of an IP address on earth


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