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Quick and dirty way of sending anonymous emails. No forwarding, no receiving, no aliases to choose. Test mails often need several minutes until they reach their destination. but due to the permanently changing proxy servers, there is a good chance of not being trapped by a spam filter at the destination site.

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Free, DEA forwarding service with configurable catchall feature. Uses aliases for tracing back who has given away the address to spammers. These aliases make it easy to effectively block spam sources without having to give up the whole account at e4ward. This service is fine for dealing with potential spam sources, but since it does not hide the sender’s address, it cannot be used for anonymizing purposes. tip

An email adress for 15 minutes, instantly available without registration. Arriving mails may also be answered, which makes it ideal for anonymous registration purposes, HTML format is not recognized by the underlying PHP script, which may be downloaded and used to build your own anonymous mailer. Nice service without bells and whistles. tip

Free email forwarding service that lets you define expiration times for the generated addresses. Good user interface. Uses confirmation messages to verify forwarding address.

Free disposable email address service that does not require any registration. Easy to use and quite fast. tip

Partly free disposable email service offering html / plaintext / mime header views, selectable character encoding, mail forwarding and reply functionality. tip

This (partly) free email forwarding service has undergone a major overhaul, making it now to one of the most feature complete and usable email services around. It takes a while to get acquainted with the numerous functions, but we liked the good use of email tags and structured design. Highly recommended!. tip

Free disposable email provider. Very easy to use, since there is no need to register. When we tested the service, it was fast and reliable. Because is has the option of displaying all Mime header information, it may also be used for dignosing mail problems. This site is worth a try.

SpamCon DEA tip

Disposable email address service of the SpamCon foundation, which hosts a wealth of interesting information and advice about anti-spam topics.

Famous forwarding service, allowing you to manage many aliases. Website is buggy and service has become somewhat unreliable lately.

Commercial tagged email forwarding service.

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