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Virus scanner Test Files

Testing virus scanner behavior in case of infection is quite simple. Download one of the files listed below and save it to a location of your choice. If your virus scanner is functioning properly it must generate a warning message upon saving the virus testfile. If you try this from within your company or organization, chances are that the corporate firewall or proxy server already removes or blocks the infected file before it reaches your PC. In this case your web browser will show an error message about not being able to download, but the local virus scanner will not show any virus warning.

Of course, these files donĀ“t contain any malicious code, they simply contain a specific signature created by the EICAR organization (European Expert Group for IT Security) that was specifically designed to test the functional behavior or antivirus software.

EICAR Testvirus (DOS/Windows executable)

EICAR Testvirus (ZIP - packed)

EICAR Testvirus (ZIP - double packed)

EICAR Testvirus (ZIP - triple packed)

EICAR Testvirus (ZIP - quadruple packed)


EICAR Testvirus (tar - packed)


EICAR Testvirus (gz - packed)

EICAR Testvirus (MS-cabinet - packed)

Some virus scanners scan nested compressed files (zip files  within zip files...) only up to a certain nesting depth or have scanning of archives completely disabled for performance reasons. Use the packed files above to test this behavior.

Important legal note: Because the behavior of your antivirus software is not predictable, we shall in no case be held responsible for damages caused by downloading or using these files! By downloading you agree to use them at your own risk! Before using these test files in a commercial environment, please consider also the possible organizational consequences, such as broadcasted virus alerts or automatically blocked connections.

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